Japanese Yoga

At Zen Om Yoga Studio we practice Japanese Yoga. Japanese Yoga has been described as “the sport of stretching”. The art of Japanese Yoga utilises a variety of poses to tap into the patterns and influences of our everyday life.

Japanese yoga combines traditional yoga postures with movements intended to activate certain meridians within the body and thus to alter or rebalance the structural body. It makes you feel great and promotes life force and other health benefits. Regular practice will improve the blood flow and circulation within the body so you can experience true sense of well being thoroughly. It also help to keep you young, healthy and in great shape.

You will leave our morning yoga classes feel energised and fresh to start the day. Sydney is often referred to as fast moving and busy, so for many Sydneysiders our days are hectic. Our evening yoga classes recognise this by providing the perfect stress release, preparing you for a restful sleep. Best of all you will never feel that our yoga classes are repetitive and boring.

Japanese Yoga can make your body work more efficiently in your daily life and even in other areas of physical training. Even if you are suffering an existing injury, the gentle movements of Japanese Yoga can speed healing and aid the rehabilitation process.

The benefits of Japanese Yoga

Regular practice of Japanese Yoga can:

  •  Increase flexibility making everyday movements easier
  •  Rebalance major muscle groups
  •  Improve blood flow
  •  Aid digestion
  •  Help remove toxins
  •  Aid joints, ligaments and soft tissues
  •  Improve your awareness and interactions with the world
  •  De-stress, relieve anxiety and calm your mind
  •  Energise and give you a feeling of motivation (particularly morning practice)
  •  Prepare your body for sleep (evening practice)
  •  Provide valuable “me” time.

Yoga for everyone

Japanese Yoga is suitable for all body shapes and fitness levels irrespective of whether you are string bean or apple shape and size 8 or 28. Everyone will get benefit from the gentle low impact exercises offered by Zen Om Yoga Studio. Zen Om Yoga offers wide range of yoga classes right from beginners to specialised yoga which covers common problem areas relating to digestion and lower back pain. Zen Om Yoga Studio offers flexible time schedule for yoga classes to fit your busy lifestyle.