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At Zen Om Yoga Studio, we preach and practice Japanese Yoga, a dynamic and therapeutic type of Yoga which flows with the seasons. Our love, passion and experience of yoga, advanced practice, along with the intention to spread wellness through the medium of Yoga has kept us going strong since several years.

A type of Yoga practice that gives you the serenity, freedom and oneness to be the ‘real’ you, at your ‘best’. Your very best self, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We take you through a journey you can follow at your current fitness level, progressing steadily at your own pace.


Along with the physical benefits of Japanese yoga like building core strength, stronger muscles, improved flexibility and blood circulation, it also promotes overall wellness of the mind and provides spiritual healing. Japanese Yoga attunes one’s mind and body with the seasons that helps with a synchronised flow of energy that enhances overall health and well-being.

Our classes are conducted by a highly qualified and experienced teacher who is extremely passionate about Japanese Yoga and holistic wellness. We conduct our classes in a well-formulated manner to provide the best of this practice to everyone. The classes are scheduled throughout the week which gives you the flexibility to book a class before or after work. All you need to reap the benefits of this ancient and highly effective Japanese Yoga practice is to just book and experience a session with us.

Preeti Shah – your Yoga Teacher & Fitness Mentor

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A 5 Star Rated Yoga Studio in Western Sydney.


I look forward to my weekly exercise and meditation classes at Zen Om
Yoga studio. The atmosphere is calming, class routines vary from week to
week and our instructor is knowledgeable and caring – thank you
Preeti. Classes tick all the boxes – tone, exercise, and enjoy!


Julie Wood

A fantastic yoga class in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Very personalized with good emphasis on mind and body. Would definitely recommend to people of all fitness levels.


Katrina English

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