Importance of consistency in yoga practice

Yoga combines concentration, physical postures, movement, and breathing techniques to help with meditation and relaxation. It has become a popular form of exercise nowadays for many worldwide. A yoga routine that regularly helps improve endurance, flexibility, strength, and nerves and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.

Like everything good for you, yoga has to be practised regularly, in a consistent manner, to reap most of its holistic benefits. After one session, you will probably feel physically and mentally rested. However, it is not a lasting feeling if you abandon the practice after just one try. Establish a routine.

You will find out the multi-dimensional aspects of the course. As you continue the routine, every step you take and every posture you assume on the mat will appeal to your physical, mental and emotional well-being. The more time and effort you put into your practice, the more you will see the results transcend beyond the mat.

Consistency is the key.

Whether you want significantly improved strength and flexibility, mobility, posture, rest, or concentration, you need consistency in your practice.

Most of the benefits – of all of them – come from consistent and long-term training. Essentially, it comes from the routine of repetition.

Once established, you won’t hesitate to wake up one morning to perform the routine every day. However, you will probably begin to miss it if you cannot practice a session for some reason. With muscle memory, improved strength and stamina, greater flexibility, and a more refined technique, you should be able to advance your yoga practice over time.

How to be consistent?

Be open. When your mind is open to the experience, as well as to all its possible benefits, you shouldn’t feel too burdened about the thought of going to a regular session.

Enjoy the climb. No matter how great the results are supposed to be, you shouldn’t put much stock in it. It is just as important to enjoy the journey, or the “climb,” as much as you want the destination. Enjoying the process will also help you stave off unhealthy expectations.

Find your joy. Find joy in what you’re doing. You can start by finding inspiration. Find what makes you look forward to the class? Use that to motivate yourself until you begin to enjoy the act itself.

Prioritise your practice. Don’t just go to a session because you have time. Instead, make time. Please put it on your schedule and make it a priority. After all, this should improve your health, and your health should be your number 1 priority.

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