10 Self Care Habits to Install this New Year

Self care rituals

New Year, the time for new beginnings – resolutions, intentions and goal setting.

How was 2018 for you? Not for your business, not for your finances but ‘you’. How was it for your inner self? Did you pay attention to the signals your body gave you, did you take the time to feel more at peace with yourself and everything around you?

Let us all do a little bit better than the last year. Here are small things you can do daily to feel better inside and out.

Get enough sleep

Catching up on those zzzz’s is pretty important for staying healthy, alert and energetic. Especially for us women, it is awesome to get the much appreciated ‘beauty sleep’. Lack of sleep can trouble your metabolism and have detrimental effects on your body. Our body repairs and renews itself while we sleep, these benefits extend to the skin giving it the beautiful glow we all long for. The time you go to bed is especially important, get into bed early and catch a few more hours, your body and skin will thank you with fewer wrinkles, a glowing complexion and beautiful, less puffy eyes.

Yoga for your body and mind

Add some time in your daily routine for the ancient practice of Yoga. Fitness trends come and go but Yoga has been practiced for more than 5000 years. Yoga is proven to build core strength, increase flexibility and tone your muscles for a more sculpted look. With mindful breathing and meditation, yoga is a total mind-body workout that gives you strength, energy, focus and more beauty into your life. Did someone say beauty?

Schedule your relaxation time

Our lives are getting busier by the day. It is easy for days to turn into months if we are not aware and mindful. Plan your self care time as a part of your daily routine so it does not slip away. Everyday, do something that you like. It can be reading a book, listening to your favourite songs, baking, gardening or walking your dog. Find out what lifts your mood and makes you happier, do that everyday for a while and give yourself some care. After all, we can give only when we are full. When you are happy, you will be more able to make others around you smile.

Practice meditation

In our hectic schedules with kids, work, social commitments and so much to do, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed. What can we do to calm and recenter our frazzled selves? The answer is simple – cut the noise and embrace silence. Yes, you need not be a master of your mind to begin meditating, start where you are and do how much you can. To gain the most of this practice, get some guidance and then follow it everyday. Meditation, even for a few minutes everyday can bring more calm and focus in your life. It helps you make better decisions, respond and not react in stressful situations. Destress and relax with meditation.

Spend some time outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine, with some physical activity is awesome for your body. We all living in the high tech world, increasingly spend a lot of time on our screens, which is why we need to add some greenery to our lives. Take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of spending time outside. Hike, do your yoga, meditate, walk or run – it is great for stress release, getting new ideas, fitness and energy levels. Step out between work breaks if your schedule is busy, just try to fit it in your schedule and experience the positive effect nature can have in your life.

Nourish your body, not just satisfy hunger

A poor diet can leave your body devoid of essential nutrients, reducing its functional capacity and also make you more vulnerable to stress. Find time to cook healthy meals over quick convenience food which have a poor nutrition profile. Make healthier food choices and learn how to maintain a healthy diet when you are short of time. Plan ahead and do not give in to temptations very often. Listen to your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A well-nourished body will help you handle stress and stay healthy.

Flex your creative muscles

No, you need not be a brilliant storyteller or a painter – just express your creative flair. We all have a creative side which gets buried in our day to day priorities. Whether you love to create, craft, write, draw, design or doing anything out of your ordinary work – take the time and do it. Activating your brain’s creative muscles helps it make new connections and gets you thinking in different ways, something that can add to your working abilities as well. If you do not know what your creative passion is, then find one. Take a class, experiment and do more of what you love.

Make people connections

Give time to nourish and foster your relations. Making time for a family dinner, catching up with that old friend you haven’t met in ages or a coffee meeting with someone new. Develop a support system and give them priority. Rekindle that affectionate feeling with your loved one by giving them time and care. Make time for friends and schedule fun activities together. Take time to make real connections that matter.

Embrace Gratitude

The first step to getting what you want is to get rid of what you don’t. Let go of the negativity that takes away your energy. Be aware of your thoughts and replace negativity with positivity. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for where you are, all that you are and all that you have. Think about all the good things you have in life and be thankful.

Design your own ritual

What is your journey this year? Better health, a peaceful mind, more confidence, more inner strength, what is it that you are working for this year? Find your answer and design a ritual, a habit that will take you one step closer to it each day.

To the good times ahead, Happy New Year everyone.