Yoga For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain afflicts approximately eight out of ten people, both who are sedentary and those physically active. In our daily routine of daytime, most of the time goes in the sitting position e.g. we sit down at a dinning table for breakfast, lunch, dinner, driving a car and working at a corporate office desk.

Even after finishing our work day when we come back home, one may choose to sit on a sofa to watch television to unwind. If you look at it from an anatomical point of view it is said that the hamstring and iliopsoas are stretched due to many hours of sitting and this causes strain on lower back.In the case of athletes, sport persons where weight bearing and other exercises that involve running, jumping or rapid dynamic movements produce tension on the lower back.

When these activities are repeated without properly stretching and releasing tight muscles overuse may lead to injuries.

In 12 months study conducted in U.K. researchers discovered that Yoga was a highly cost-effective way to manage and heal lower back pain.It is also found during the study that the group who did yoga took fewer sick days than the non-yoga-doing control group. People who took yoga classes are twice as likely to cut back on pain medications for their back aches as compared to people who managed symptoms on their own according to study published in the journal ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE.

There are six yoga poses are recommended to perform daily for lower back pain relief. Breathe deeply in and out while doing these poses.

  1. Supine hamstring stretch
  2. Two knees twist
  3. Pigeon or thread the needle
  4. Legs up the wall
  5. Downward facing dog
  6. Upward facing dog.

It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen especially if you are prone to pain. Once you get a green signal, try these poses in any order.