Zen Om Yoga Studio’s Corporate Yoga and Meditation Classes

Do you know work and health can go together??

There is a lot of competition in today’s corporate world and everybody wants to put himself ahead of others, over and above different kinds of targets with the time limit are given to achieve. Further, there are lots of problems created due to interaction with peers, management style and working environment. This causes lots of stress for the employees. As such following, stress-related disorders are found amongst corporate employees like heart disease, obesity, headache, asthma and premature death. Nowadays computers are brought in for carrying out different kinds of jobs and working with computers can weaken the eyesight and further may lead to arthritis of fingers, musculoskeletal problems and in extreme case depression.  

Different type of studies have been carried out by medical experts of different countries and it is observed that sitting in the office for more than10 hours daily can increase the risk of coronary heart disease by around 60%. The reason behind this is that when one sits for long hours, the upward circulation of blood to the heart is decreased due to lack of movement of the calf muscle. When one practises yoga, it involves lots of movement of calf muscles which pumps the blood to the heart against gravity and in turn giving necessary oxygenation to the heart. Yoga and meditation are an ancient practice which improves physical fitness, energy level, focus and concentration. It is an ultimate medicine which reduces stress level among corporate employees. 

We, at Zen Om Yoga Studio, offer customised Corporate Yoga & Meditation Classes that suits different companies/industries and their employees.

Following are the major benefits of yoga and meditation,

  1. Increase in happiness and energy level which results in less absenteeism and more production.
  2. Reduction in stress-related health conditions.
  3. It improves one’s concentration and decision-making skills.
  4. Improves alertness and employees respond more calmly.
  5. Relief in insomnia, high blood pressure and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  6. Elevated one’s attitude and better customer service.  
  7. Meditation increases grey matter in the brain.
  8. It also reduces biological age by 5-10 years if you practice meditation regularly.    
  9. People who meditate reduce the chances of heart disease by 87% and cancer possibility by 55%.

Research and Statistics show that people who meditate and use relaxation technique may be physiologically younger by 12-15 years.
In the workplace reduce absenteeism 85%, injuries 70% and increases productivity 120%, profits 520%.

Most of the corporate managements think that implementation of yoga requires space and wastage of man hours but Zen Om Yoga Studio’s corporate yoga & Meditation classes provide a solution as so many yoga exercises do not require more than 10minutes using table and chair as means of exercises. Yoga and meditation enhance physical and mental health which is essential in business and life.  Meditation is about an enhancement of inner peace which in turn helps in achieving more. Meditation is the management of one’s emotions and making better corporate employee which is an essential and effective process for stress management and stress reduction at a workplace in the corporate world. 

We can help customise your corporate Yoga & Meditation classes. Call Zen Om Yoga Studio for any corporate inquiries. Visit our website www.zenomyoga.com.au for more information about our Private Yoga Studio in Pemulwuy and our Yoga & Meditation classes.