Zen Om Yoga Studio is excited to introduce it’s new service- Yoga and Meditation themed Parties!

Yoga and Meditation Parties! What a wonderful idea…It’s a great way to bring health retreat to your place and interact while nurturing your mind, body and soul. Yoga and Meditation themed parties are the special way to celebrate your big day in a healthy style, whether it is Birthday parties, Corporate Christmas party, Baby shower or any other special occasion turn any party or gathering into Zen Om Yoga Studio’s customised Yoga and Meditation themed party.   Our unique yoga themed parties are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It includes basic beginners poses, challenging and creative poses, gentle stretching, breathing techniques, along with the laughter and well-deserved relaxation time. After the session, your guests will be more energetic and alert for other activities and of course for the cake.

Kids birthday parties are all the fun and will be memorable for all the guests. It will include the fun introduction, yoga poses, relaxation and meditation at the end. Yoga and meditation themed parties are great for the baby shower, these yoga postures strengthen the pelvic muscles that help enhance the womb space for healthy growth of fetus and breathing techniques can train mother to breathe deeply, relax consciously, helps during labour and childbirth. Baby shower yoga and meditation themed parties will be fun for everyone and guests will get the opportunity to experience the yoga and meditation and its benefits.

Your search for and unique  way to celebrate Christmas or Corporate parties at your workplace will end here. Why not plan 30-45 minutes of yoga and meditation session at your workplace in between other activities. It really helps to build the team, burn off few calories and energise your body. Zen Om Yoga Studio has devised sequences of yoga poses which makes your stronger muscles more tone up, weak muscles stronger, improves flexibility, balance posture and also ease back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain after days spent sitting in front of the desk. Yoga with meditation will increase focus, concentration, increase in happiness and energy level which results in less absenteeism and more production. Further, it harmonises your body and mind, in turn, helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Make this a fun and memorable event that everyone will be talking about for years afterwards.

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