Sun Salutation

Sun salutation is one of the finest yoga modules for the overall development of the body, mind and soul. This is dynamic yoga exercise which comprises of 12 yoga poses. Practising this yoga exercise helps in a physical, mental, spiritual and social domain of health. It can be practised any time of the day either by participating in a group class or private class. Sun salutation is the single yoga exercise which stimulates all the organs of the body. Following are the salient benefits of sun salutation.                                              

  1. Enhances skin beauty: The practice enables to eliminate sufficient amount of waste through the skin. This prevents pimples and boils. 
  2. Prevents hair fall: Many postures of sun salutation increase to the scalp region which in turn gives a good massage to the scalp thereby beneficial in the prevention of hair fall and greying of hair.
  3. Weight loss: All the yoga poses in this exercise facilitate adequate stretching, twisting and compressing of the entire body thus proves useful for weight loss regime.
  4. Improves digestion: This practice involves alternate stretching and compressing of body organs including the stomach. It imparts better massage to digestive system which in turn encourages to work efficiently.
  5. Smooth kidney functions: The practice gently massages and increases blood supply to kidney thus encourages the kidney to work efficiently.
  6. Good for heart: The practice improves the working of the circulatory system which ensures efficient heart function. It encourages the lymphatic to work more prominently thus helps in combating germs, bacteria and illness.
  7. Improves lung functions: The practice of this module helps in optimum utilisation of lungs and respiratory system. The lungs are completely emptied from the impure air which prevents many respiratory diseases.
  8. Corrects hormonal imbalance: This exercise harmonises the different endocrine glands thus helps to remove any irregularities of such glands which further improves there blood flow.
  9. Tones the nerves and nervous system: It gently stretches, massages and stimulates nerves of the entire body. The better health of nerves determines better working of muscles and organs of the body system.
  10. Helps in muscle loosening: It invigorates all muscles of the body and offers intense stretching of the whole body. The expansion and contraction of muscles help to loosen muscles and removes stiffness from the body.

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