Chair Yoga

It is a general impression that yoga is for the young, fit and flexible then it is time for you to take chair have a seat and think again. Chair yoga is the best alternative to traditional yoga we generally perceive and it is the best option for seniors as well as those unable to take part in a traditional yoga class due to health or physical issues. Instead of mat the participant either sits in a chair or stands next to it using the chair as a support.                

Chair yoga is considered as a gentle yoga perfect for senior living communities which can either be practised in a group class or private class and still gives benefits associated with yoga such as:      

  1. Improves respiratory functions: Focusses on inhaling and exhaling i.e.filling lungs to capacity and then exhaling to empty it out all stale air for better breathing technique.          
  2. Improves flexibility and strength: Allows the body to transform through gentle movement and static holds increasing strength and movement.                                                             
  3. Improved proprioception: Proprioception is the skill of knowing where your body is in space and coordinating your movement accurately which creates the sense of centring. This is important for elderly people and can prevent falls.                                               
  4. Reduces stress: Relieves blood pressure, anxiety, sleep and other health problems.

In each movement weight, age is given on stretching, holding the pose and consciously breathing through it. The stretches and poses are modified but still, more focus is given on alignment and muscle awareness. Conscious breathing throughout the practice allows participants to relax and create the sense of mindfulness.                                                    

Zen Om yoga studio also offers the private class in which one can approach yoga teacher with one’s health history which is otherwise difficult in the group class. In private class yoga teacher will be encouraging and help you understand mechanics of poses and you will have greater confidence.                                                                                                          

In chair yoga, the start and the end of each practice will always focus on calming the mind and allowing each body parts to relax. There are so many benefits of chair yoga. So why wait? Join group class or private class as per your requirement.